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Capitalize on Your Success: The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Money, Growing the Business, and Doing the Deal
Julie Garella

Growing a business you can sell, putting a deal together to buy another company, or taking on outside capital to foster growth all require a certain know-how in terms of language, preparation, and process. Rarely do business owners use the resources and strategies that have been tried and tested by major companies and brands. Instead, most business owners choose to bootstrap, hoping their company can keep up by growing organically, and forge ahead without thinking about how to make their single biggest asset—their company—worth the most possible.

In Capitalize on Your Success, investment banker Julie Garella demystifies Wall Street and the capital markets, offering straightforward advice and answers in place of incomprehensible business jargon and lofty financial theories. With her decades of experience working with closely held companies, Garella creates a unique, definitive guide for all business owners looking for step-by-step guidance and clearly focused strategies.

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