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Get Off The Beach: What Legendary Surfers Know That Salespeople Need to Know Now!
Eloise Owens

Selling is a blend of intellect, skill, and instinct. So is surfing. Both demand passion, and both offer the potential for wipeouts every day. But most importantly, sales and surfing share a common element needed to achieve success and to stay at the top of the game:

Momentum! Surfers ride it. Salespeople create it.

The creator of Momentum Selling, Eloise Owens, invites you on an adventure, where sales lessons are waiting in the most unusual places by people you’d least expect—big-wave professional surfers.

What People are Saying:
"After one of my most successful quarters as a software account executive, I found myself languishing on the beach. I was hesitant to take some of the chances and make some of the efforts that had made me successful in the past. Reading Get Off The Beach motivated me to chase the big waves again. As a result, this year will be the largest income I have ever achieved in my 15 year sales career. "

"This is a sales masterpiece. Eloise glides you through all the dynamics of relational understanding in a way that leaves you wanting more. It gives you life skills that transcend the traditional sales methods. This book helps you realize the freedom we all have to step back and start over with a refreshed since of purpose."

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