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The Courage Code: It's Yours, Break It, Own It, Use It
Jennifer Byron, Megan Raphael

What is the feminine face of courage? What everyday acts are courageous in your life? The intent of this book is not to provide all the answers, but rather to question. To question the status quo, traditional views, and old Codes. The authors share their insights using stories from forty-four women who are, like you, living courageously. They are challenged everyday to live a life of meaning and authenticity. They have discovered the power of seemingly small choices that create mammoth shifts in their lives and in their worlds. Because they have dealt with their challenges head on, they have been successful on many levels and in many ways. You will see yourself in their words and gain new insights for living courageously.

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Daughter of the Yellow River
Diana Lu

When Diana Lu was three years old, her family was forced to leave their comfortable middle class life in the city to live an impoverished coal-mining village at the edge of the Gobi Desert for China’s culture revolution "reeducation." Life in that remote place was a constant struggle against hunger and fear. Passionate & determined, Diana resolved to create a better life based on her own talents and dreams; she turned down prestigious job after medical school. Overcoming parental & societal objections, she explored university teaching, real estate, and other fields before finding her niche as a top executive in the optical fiber industry. In 1997 Diana moved to the United States, and launched her own international enterprise, melding the Western & Chinese business cultures to work with clients globally. Operating in a competitive, male-dominated high-tech field, she achieved astounding success – from earning $30 a month in 1993 to in ten years making sales worth hundreds of millions of dollars. This inspirational book—part memoir, part guidebook to personal and business success—illustrates her remarkable journey.

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The Fearless Factor
Jacqueline Wales

The Fearless Factor is a timely the new self-help book from in demand speaker and entrepreneur Jacqueline Wales. This guide helps women move from stuck in fear to moving forward with practical and inspirational advice on seizing the life they want and know they deserve! Packed full of stories from the trenches, and insight from women around the world who have been there, done that , The Fearless Factor is a must-have for women who are ready to confront their fears and move on to the next stage of living. Using the jungle of life as her framework, Wales takes readers through the process of facing their biggest fears, whether they be related to money, relationships, career, age or motherhood, and gives prescriptive ways to overcome those fears and succeed in life. From learning how to dump emotional baggage that is useless and potentially dangerous to succeeding at stepping away from needing jobs or people to fill them up, readers can learn to detach, let go, and trust their own instincts for what is good for them. Fear dominates headlines, drives decisions, and can prevent readers from achieving true happiness in everyday life. The Fearless Factor teaches them to face their fears head on and take control of their future.

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Fight Back and Win : My Thirty-year Fight Against Injustice--and How You Can Win Your Own Battles
Gloria Allred

WLE Compass Award winner and keynoter Gloria Allred is one of the leading women's rights advocates. She lives her commitment every day, not only by taking on difficult legal cases that support women's, children's and families' rights but by speaking throughout the country to bring awareness of the injustices which still prevail. Now, finally, we can read about all those cases, and the courageous women whom she represented -- directly from Gloria. At the same time, Gloria shares important lessons that will empower all of us to take the initiative and never accept unfair treatment. This is a book that young people should read. It's written in a clear direct style for all ages.

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I'd Rather Be in Charge
Charlotte Beers

Texas-born Charlotte Beers has combined her business insight with an innate Southern charm to become a legend in the competitive world of advertising. Featured on the covers of Fortune and Businessweek as one of the most powerful women in America, Charlotte and her mantra of the difference between products and brands revolutionized major ad campaigns brought unprecedented success to her clients and the advertising agencies she managed.

Charlotte began her career in advertising as an account executive at J. Walter Thompson Advertising, later becoming the first female senior vice president in the firm’s history. From J. Walter Thompson, Charlotte brought her skills to Tatham-Laird & Kudner as CEO. Her success led her to her
next position as chairman/CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, a multinational advertising agency. Harvard Business School still teaches their bestselling case study on leadership entitled “Charlotte Beers at Ogilvy.”

From 2001 to 2003, Charlotte served as undersecretary of state under Colin Powell. For her service, Charlotte was awarded the distinguished service medal, the State Department’s highest honor.

Charlotte currently serves on the board of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and conducts seminars throughout the United States and Europe, teaching women the tools for transforming themselves into managers and leaders in the many industries they represent.

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Lucky By Design
Beth Goldstein

In her latest book, Lucky By Design, Beth exposes the fallacies and dangers of underestimating your own ability to create powerful business opportunities. Based on a survey of business owners and through her work with thousands of entrepreneurs over a span of 25 years, Beth offers new insights and practical advice as she details what it takes to ‘get lucky’ in business and shows you simple, yet effective steps to navigate your path to success and design your own luck.

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PR Works
Mary Schnack

"PR Works", a new book that provides 31 real life examples of easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement public relations strategies that prove PR Works for small and big businesses alike, has recently been written and published by Mary Schnack, President of Communication Bridges and Mary Schnack Media Services, Inc.

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There Is No Place Like Work: Seven Leadership Insights for Creating a Workplace to Call Home
Sheila L. Margolis, PhD, Ava S. Wilensky, PhD

Culture is your organization’s hidden asset and the key to creating and sustaining a successful organization. It should motivate and drive employees to achieve, produce and excel. But what is workplace culture and how do you harness its power? We wrote There Is No Place Like Work to explain how to analyze and define your CORE Culture, align it with your workplace practices and, as a leader, gain the insight necessary to shape it. The goal: to competitively express your organization's essential nature in a way that yields bottom-line success. This effort is not simply philosophical, although Philosophy is an element of it. This book is a practical tool for making more money, coping better with change and creating a genuinely dedicated workforce.
There Is No Place Like Work is based on hands-on, real-world concepts we have used with CEOs, managers and employees in organizations ranging from the Fortune 500 to nonprofit. These organizations have accomplished the ultimate goal of managing their CORE Culture: to build a staff of motivated employees who feel individually that they are doing meaningful tasks in the right place—a workplace that offers a sense of belonging and opportunity for the individual and profits for the organization.

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Wake up, it's Gap-Time: A Guided Tour to Transitioning and Planning for Your Retirement Dreams
Martha A. Madden

As a certified Retirement Coach (Retirement Options), Martha A. Madden, has assessed her own retirement “Gap-Time” and is prepared to help you do the same thing. President of mMadden Associates, LLC, an executive consultant firm with offices in Washington, DC and New Orleans, Louisiana, Martha’s varied career creates a storehouse of expertise in environmental management, energy, health, education, and economic development. You can see that Ms. Madden has the toolbox to help you construct your own Gap-Time.

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The Woman's Advantage : 20 Women Entrepreneurs Show You What It Takes to Grow Your Business
Mary Cantando

Whether you already own a business or are planning to start one, The Woman?s Advantage: 20 Women Entrepreneurs Show You What It Takes to Grow Your Business is the book for you. Author and leading women?s business expert Mary Cantando shows you how to harness often-overlooked resources?certification, referrals, and mentorship?and achieve lasting rewards by learning the lessons of top women entrepreneurs.
The women featured, all owners of multimillion-dollar (and billion-dollar) companies, each started out small and grew their businesses through smart choices and by connecting with the right networks. Their hard-earned experiences offer a wealth of insights, including ideas on how to:

?Organize your business and position it for breakthroughs

?Differentiate your business from others in the same market niche

?Leverage certification to reach companies eager to do business with woman-owned enterprises

&bull:Network to develop powerful alliances, partners, and mentors

?Enhance your business success by maintaining a positive attitude, remaining healthy, and managing stress

Although millions of women own businesses, fewer than 5 percent generate more than $1 million in annual revenue. The Woman?s Advantage is THE comprehensive resource to both teach and inspire you to grow your business.

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Women of the Vine
Deborah Brenner

Women of the Vine takes us into the world of wine through the eyes of its largest consumer: women. Deborah Brenner, wine negotiant and founder of her own label 4Karma, introduces the reader to women winemakers, women sommeliers, and the growing groups of women getting together to just enjoy wine. The bood features sidebars filled with tips and tricks to show the reader the best accessories to complement her favorite bottle, how to find a wine you'll love, what a wine's placement in a store means, and how to read a wine list like a pro. Helpful vocabulary and black and white photographs complete this fun and accessible package.

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The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century
Thomas L. Friedman

"This book is required reading for any business owner who is serious about the future of their business. Friedman presents a detailed and engaging case for why the playing field has been leveled or "flattened" for businesses, countries and individuals to succeed. Read it!"

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