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Capitalize on Your Success: The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Money, Growing the Business, and Doing the Deal
Julie Garella

Growing a business you can sell, putting a deal together to buy another company, or taking on outside capital to foster growth all require a certain know-how in terms of language, preparation, and process. Rarely do business owners use the resources and strategies that have been tried and tested by major companies and brands. Instead, most business owners choose to bootstrap, hoping their company can keep up by growing organically, and forge ahead without thinking about how to make their single biggest asset—their company—worth the most possible.

In Capitalize on Your Success, investment banker Julie Garella demystifies Wall Street and the capital markets, offering straightforward advice and answers in place of incomprehensible business jargon and lofty financial theories. With her decades of experience working with closely held companies, Garella creates a unique, definitive guide for all business owners looking for step-by-step guidance and clearly focused strategies.

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FutureThink: How to Think Clearly in a Time of Change
Edie Weiner

FutureThink will help you discard the blinders that keep you from seeing what's really happening around you?so that you can anticipate waves of change and ride them to unprecedented success. Futurists Edie Weiner and Arnold Brown reveal breakthrough thinking techniques that can liberate your mind from its old assumptions and sensitize it to the earliest signals of change?so that you can start responding while your competitors are still asleep.

The authors show how to overcome both personal and institutional biases so that you can see both the forest and the trees. You'll learn how to recognize when trends aren't linear and when tomorrow won't be "just like today, only more so." The authors show how a football game can help you clarify your priorities in attracting and retaining customers, why the law of entropy explains why benchmarking often fails, how to understand the profound implications of demography, and much more. Above all, this book helps you act on what you learn?and overcome the human tendency to reject or deny the signs of change.

Grounded in science and supported by the authors' exceptional track record as futurists with clients such as Target Stores, Ernst & Young, and AIG, FutureThink teaches the most important skill you can learn right now: how to manage the future.

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SELLsation! How Companies Can Capture Today's Hottest Market: Women Business Owners and Executives
Leslie Grossman

In SELLsation! How Companies Can Capture Today?s Hottest Market: Women Business Owners and Executives, Leslie Grossman demonstrates a keen understanding of this largely untapped, sensational sector and creates a roadmap for marketers interested in reaching them.

She has filled her book with profound insights and strategies honed over more than twenty years and five successful businesses, culminating with B2Women, which she formed when she perceived a real need for companies to market differently to businesswomen. Grossman continues to put her own strategy in action with Women?s Leadership Exchange (WLE), an organization she cofounded that not only helps women business owners achieve breakthrough results, but also embodies her marketing strategy for WLE corporate partners.

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Tough Choices
Carly Fiorina

The Question the Wall Street Journal asked on May 24, 2006 was,
“So, was Carly right after all?”

After following the business media reports on the history and current state of HP and reading Carly Fiorina’s “Tough Choices,” the answer is a resounding YES YES YES.
The truth is that Carly led HP through major internal changes, the worst technology slump in decades and the most controversial (and ultimately the most successful) merger in high-tech history in a 5-1/2 year period. Just as the company was about to turn around, she was unexpectedly fired.

“Tough Choices” is not only her compelling story, but it is loaded with business insights that all business leaders can learn from – no matter what the size of their business.

It is ‘must’ reading for every woman - whether a business owner, business leader, business executive or wannabe. It is informative, insightful, intriguing, inspiring and
Admirable. It was one of the few business books, that I couldn’t put down, even though
I knew how the story ended. Read it and give yourself the gift of Carly – she will change your life. (Reviewed by Leslie Grossman)

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