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Ambition Is Not a Dirty Word: A Woman's Guide to Earning Her Worth and Achieving Her Dreams
Debra Condren, Ph.D.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be audaciously ambitious and happy at the same time?
You can, and you will.

“I’m here to tell you that all of your priorities—personal and ambitious career goals alike—can fit together harmoniously. I’ll show you how, like thousands of women I’ve worked with over the years, you can make more money, earn the credit and recognition you deserve, have more power, and be as ambitious as you want to be. I’ll show you how you can be ambitious without compromising your ethics and integrity. I’ll show you that you can feel worthy and entitled to all of this without fear that you risk sacrificing your desire to have a full, happy personal life and without being afraid that you’ll be less of a woman. It’s worked for me. It’s worked for countless ambitious women I’ve advised. It will work for you.”
—From Ambition is Not a Dirty Word: A Woman's Guide to Earning Her Worth and Achieving Her Dreams

We women aren’t advancing in our careers the way we should. We’re not making the money we deserve or getting the fulfillment we desire. And this time it’s not men who are holding us back. This time we’re doing it to ourselves, because ambition—for us—is still a dirty word.

Debra Condren has coached thousands of women at every level—from those just starting out to the most powerful female executives in the United States—and each one possesses the same fear: if she goes after her dream, she’ll be seen as selfish, bitchy, a bad wife, or bad mother. But it’s exactly this fear of ambition that has forced women to leave the best part of themselves—their dreams, their great talents—by the roadside, rendering them less able to be the whole people they should be in every area of their lives.

Condren has a new message and mission: to remind women that ambition is a virtue, not a vice. Ambition is the best of who we are.

The real way to have a great life is to see ambition as a part of your value system to which you must give equal attention, along with the other priorities you hold dear, including your spouse, your children, and your friends. In Ambition is Not a Dirty Word, Dr. Condren offers fresh, powerful tools for reclaiming your dreams. Her eight Ambitious Rules provide concrete, innovative solutions to the everyday struggles we as women face, like taking credit, deflecting detractors, and handling confrontation, so that you can become more powerful and fulfilled at work and more satisfied at home. You can redefine your ambition in the face of social sanctions and unapologetically go after your dreams without sacrificing the rest of your life.

You owe it to yourself and the world to make the contribution you were born to make. Debra Condren will show you how to do it.

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The Art of Bouncing Back
Zelda Greenberg

How Can a Tornado Help You Transform Your Life?

It took Zelda’s family 100 years to build a business and only took Mother Nature seconds to destroy. The restoration of the business over the next 4 years taught her the valuable life lessons it takes to Bounce Back from the challenges we all face personally and professionally.

Zelda has packed the pages with inspiring stories of people she interviewed and researched that will reveal 7 Bounce Back Points that each person mastered to Bounce Back successfully from the challenges they faced.

The Art of Bouncing Back is for all of those that have had to face adversity at some time. The book is filled with the stories of real people and how they conquer the bumpy road successfully. Zelda shares inspiring stories, insights, and strategies that you can implement to Bounce Back faster, smarter, and stronger.

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The Complete Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn for Women: Her Ageless Wisdom for Today
Florence Scovel Shinn

Collected here are all four of Florence Scovel Shinn's landmark books. Her wisdom and advice are timeless. In these four books you will discover the power of the spoken word and how to invoke the Law of Attraction. In the Game of Life and How to Play It, Florence Scovel Shinn gives us the rules to the game of life. But more importantly she also gives us a manual that instructs us on how to win the game. A wonderful and simple-to-follow book on the power of right thinking. Your Word is Your Wand is a book of affirmations. These affirmations will help you invite the things that you want into your life and to banish those things you do not want. There is power in words, and this book helps you unlock that power. Within each of us there is a door to success. The difference between people who succeed and people who do not is the knowledge of how to succeed. Let Florence Scovel Shinn's classic book The Secret Door to Success show you how to find and unlock the door to the secret knowledge of success. Success can and will be yours In the Power of the Spoken Word you will learn that our words have the power to change our lives. By paying more attention to how we speak, and hence how we think, we can change our circumstances for the better. The Power of the Spoken Word will help you make the positive changes that you've always wanted to make.

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The Connectors: How The World’s Most Successful Businesspeople Build Relationships and Win Clients for Life
Maribeth Kuzmeski

Of course relationships are critically important in business. The key, however, isn’t knowing that relationships are important. The key is knowing what to do to make them more effective and powerful! Through interviews of hundreds of successful businesspeople, CEO’s and founders of companies, Maribeth Kuzmeski, author of the new book, The Connectors: How The World’s Most Successful Businesspeople Build Relationships and Win Clients for Life (Wiley, September 2009) has uncovered and details the tangible how to’s of creating better business relationships.

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Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House
Valerie Plame Wilson

On July 6, 2003, four months after the United States invaded Iraq, former ambassador Joseph Wilson's now historic op-ed, "What I Didn't Find in Africa," appeared in The New York Times. A week later, conservative pundit Robert Novak revealed in his newspaper column that Ambassador Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame Wilson, was a CIA operative. The public disclosure of that secret information spurred a federal investigation and led to the trial and conviction of Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, Scooter Libby, and the Wilsons' civil suit against top officials of the Bush administration. Much has been written about the "Valerie Plame" story, but Valerie herself has been silent, until now. Some of what has been reported about her has been frighteningly accurate, serving as a pungent reminder to the Wilsons that their lives are no longer private. And some has been completely false -- distorted characterizations of Valerie and her husband and their shared integrity.

Valerie Wilson retired from the CIA in January 2006, and now, not only as a citizen but as a wife and mother, the daughter of an Air Force colonel, and the sister of a U.S. marine, she sets the record straight, providing an extraordinary account of her training and experiences, and answers many questions that have been asked about her covert status, her responsibilities, and her life. As readers will see, the CIA still deems much of the detail of Valerie's story to be classified. As a service to readers, an afterword by national security reporter Laura Rozen provides a context for Valerie's own story.

Fair Game is the historic and unvarnished account of the personal and international consequences of speaking truth to power.

What People are Saying
"Among the risks faced by men and women who volunteer to serve in our intelligence services are those which derive from American politics. This story shows us how strong the desire to serve can be and how treacherous the risks are in the minefields of Washington. Valerie Wilson volunteered at the height of the cold war. She expected to be betrayed by our enemies, not us." -- Bob Kerrey, Former U.S. Senator and Vice Chairman, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

"Plame spent a courageous and honorable career on the front lines of terrorism only to come home and meet the ultimate betrayal, her own country -- unethical politicians and unscrupulous journalists. Plame's story is a modern odyssey, a cautionary tale that should make Americans think twice before sacrificing their patriots." -- Lobert Baer, Former CIA Case Officer and the author of See No Evil and Sleeping With The Devil

"Plame had a front-row seat on both the politicization of pre-war intelligence and White House efforts to stem post-invasion criticism....[She] can be viewed as a canary in the proverbial coal mine, and her book reads like a grim testament to the noxious atmosphere of our current politics." -- The Boston Globe

"Fair Game -- which takes its title from Karl Rove's phrase about the legitimacy of blowing Ms. Wilson's professional camouflage -- describes how intense stress wrought havoc on the Wilsons' marriage, not to mention Ms. Wilson's state of mind....[And] she powerfully evokes the disbelief, fury and uncharacteristic terror that came with being outed. " -- The New York Times

"...Plame's own account of her life reveals her as a patriotic true believer in the CIA and its mission. " -- Los Angeles Times

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Greenopia, New York City: The Definitive Guide to More Than 1,300 Eco-Friendly Businesses and Resources
Gay Browne

With more than 1,000 listings of green retailers, service providers, and organizations throughout the five boroughs of New York City, this guide is an indispensable reference for eco-friendly shopping. It also offers practical advice and environmental tips that can be easily used at home. Listings range from organic restaurants and grocery stores to dry cleaners, organic pest-control services, and sustainable building suppliers, such as landscapers and interior designers. All listings are vetted by a research team and then rescreened by local expert advisers, providing shoppers with confident, reliable choices. Some listings are further recognized with a "green leaf" award, which gauges green businesses on a scale of one to four leaves, four being the greenest. This guide is a truly complete resource for green living.

What People are Saying
"Even city people can be truly, madly, deeply eco-protective. Greenopia lists enlightened sources for everything from nontoxic dry cleaning to holistic hairstyling." —O, The Oprah Magazine

"Just in time for Earth Day, New York is getting Greenopia, a Zagat-style guide that lists more than [1,300] green businesses, from Prius-equipped car services to eco-friendly burial services." —Crain's New York Business

"Why not put your hard-earned dollars to work towards goods and services that also support a healthier planet? That's the idea behind Greenopia. Even if none are tailored to your area, the book is still worth a look—you can shop responsibly online." —SHAPE

"Will no doubt establish itself as the go-to guide for New York City's eco-inclined." —Ecofabulous.com

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Healing Hearts: A Memoir of a Female Heart Surgeon
Dr. Kathy Magliato

Dr. Kathy Magliato, a WLE Compass Award Winner, is one of a handful of female heart surgeons practicing in the world today. As a member of an even more exclusive group—she is one of the few cardiothoracic surgeons specially trained to perform heart transplants—she recounts the day when she first realized she wanted to be a heart surgeon: “when I wrapped my hand around that heart that was it for me. Love at first sight. Love at first touch. I knew this was exactly what I wanted. To touch the human heart everyday.” In her memoir, HEALING HEARTS: A Memoir of a Female Heart Surgeon (Broadway Books; on sale: January 26, 2010; hardcover; $24.00), Kathy gives us a rare glimpse into the realities of being a cardiothoracic surgeon. Readers will be instantly pulled into her fast-paced world—struggling to fit in as a female in the biggest boys club of them all, learning operating room etiquette (e.g., the lead surgeon always stands on the patient’s right side), and skillfully juggling a full family life as the wife of a liver transplant surgeon (they have bedside tables cluttered with pagers and cell phones that ring throughout the night) and the mother of two young boys.

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Her Turn: Why It's Time for Women to Lead in America
Vicki Donlan

It's time for women to take charge, says successful businesswoman Vicki Donlan. In a spirited call to action, she covers the challenges, opportunities, prospects, and emerging roles for female leaders in a wide spectrum of fields including business, politics, education, healthcare, law, and nonprofits. Best, she buttresses her points through original interviews with women leaders in many fields--including Teresa Heinz Kerry, Chairman, Heinz Family Philanthropies; Gail Deegan, Board Member, TJX Companies and EMC; and Ann Caldwell, President, American Council on Education.

This book, both guide and manifesto, offers both women and men a blueprint for establishing a new model of leadership that can take advantage of the skill, passion, and wisdom of women everywhere. Familiar statistics demonstrate the continued inequality in pay between women and men, the dearth of women on the boards and in the executive suites of major corporations, and the challenges that women face in breaking down barriers in politics, science, law, healthcare, and other male-dominated professions. As Donlan reminds us, women have always had to fight to gain access to basic privileges, such as education and the right to vote. And yet, dig deeper, and the numbers are beginning to tell a different story. For example, women currently start two out of every three new businesses. Once started, women-owned businesses are more likely to be in operation at the crucial make-or-break five-year mark and less likely to be in debt than those established by men. A recent study finds that the most profitable Fortune 100 companies are those with women on the board, and networks are developing to raise funds for women political candidates, who are beating their male opponents with increasing regularity. In short, women have the numbers, talents, determination, and willingness to lead, and a groundswell that has the potential to result in dramatic change is building.

Drawing from interviews with dozens of pioneers in business, politics, education, healthcare, philanthropy, and other fields, Donlan argues that women are poised to shatter the glass ceiling, but only if they start working together to make it happen. This is a historic time: As this book argues, if women organize more effectively, the emergence of a new model of leadership--one that includes women at the highest reaches of society--is inevitable.

What People Are Saying
“Vicki Donlan's passionate and enlightened advocacy, based on years of commitment to women's business success, will surely inspire numerous women to stretch their goals and encourage many others to welcome women into even-higher offices.”–Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School professor best-selling author of Confidence and America the Principled

“Read and ingest and act on Her Turn. This is the real deal.”–Tom Peters

“Her Turn echoes what The White House Project has found in our eight years of work advancing women into leadership across the US: Women are ready to take their turn leading alongside men. And as this book demonstrates, it's also our nation's turn to see what could happen if we finally decide to use all our resources. As we like to say, 'Add Women, Change Everything.'”–Marie Wilson, President and Founder, The White House Project

“The argument for having more women in leadership positions has been made before, but seldom as effectively. Her Turn takes that argument several steps further, addressing how men will benefit from greater equality, how America will benefit as a nation, and how imperative it is that we address this problem immediately.”–Swanee Hunt, Director of the Women and Public Policy Program, Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government

“Her Turn gives us a fresh perspective on gender issues in society and the workplace. More important, this book gives women--and men, too--specific action steps that, when taken, will change the culture...and that's what's needed, culture change, for all women to achieve their true potential and contribute their full abilities and talents to the country. It's a must read for everyone!”–Rear Admiral Marsha J. "Marty" Evans (retired), former President and CEO of the American Red Cross and National Executive Director of Girl Scouts of the USA

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Iron Butterflies: Women Transforming Themselves and the World
Birute Regine

Wings. All women come into this world with the potential to grow them. Some let prejudice, discrimination, manipulation, or the expectation of others thwart their development. But some draw on an iron inner strength to unfold their potential and transform themselves. And the world.

'Iron Butterflies deploy the power of feminine skills: their holistic view of the world, their relational intelligence, their tendencies toward collaboration and inclusion, their capacity to empathize. The very qualities that once sidelined women from the mainstream now empower them into the center of the current where they can exert leadership and affect change.

A key to personal and social transformation is to see vulnerabilities in a different light. Like chrysalises, vulnerabilities hold the promise of new possibilities and new strengths. Iron Butterflies have all suffered injustices and inequities, but refusing to let these unsettling experiences turn them into victims, they used them, instead, to grow, gain strength and embark on new flight paths to success. Their wings may consist of gossamer threads, but their hearts beat with drums of iron.

In this book readers will watch countless women grow strong wings without compromising their womanhood. Iron Butterflies tells the stories of a diverse group of women, whose accomplishments illustrate overarching themes so critical to women’s lives and to our times. They come from an astonishing range of experience, from all races, from every corner of the world—US, Canada, England, Italy, Australia, Cuba, Colombia, Israel, Lebanon, Iraq—and from all walks of life including doctors, artists, a federal judge, a prize winning novelist, businesswomen, a Congresswoman, educators, nurses, a winemaker, a priest, CEO’s, housewives, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, a governor. Their lives validate women’s experience and embolden them to follow the examples of women who have transformed themselves and their world. An easy task? Not at all. Even the most successful women struggle as we all do, but by looking at situations through the powerful lens of vulnerability, they find the opportunity and the courage to think and act in concert with their truest nature.

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It Takes Tenacity
Jewel Daniels

How do you keep the forces of an economic crisis from devouring your business, questioning your leadership ability and killing your customer base? Author Jewel Daniels tackles these questions and other pressing concerns in It Takes Tenacity, 15 Power Moves to Survive the Wilderness and Weather the Economic Storm. The book takes a refreshing and creative approach to business problem solving by offering timely solutions and techniques that guide readers to "learn the lessons" of the current recession. The author gives a powerful illustration of tenacity which she says can only be found is those who continuously demonstrate strong leadership throughout all seasons and cycles of business. The book cautions professionals to avoid hitting the panic button that may lead to hurried decisions that can have long-lasting and destructive results. It Takes Tenacity offers solutions beyond eliminating personnel and slashing budgets, instead suggesting that leaders perform "artful surgery" combined with leaning on workforce talents, strategic alliance building and maximizing customer relationships to lead work teams out of the wilderness. The book is peppered with personal stories, business affirmations and includes a two-tiered leadership approach as the cornerstone for handling a business crisis and turning it into a new opportunity. Daniels encourages business owners and corporate leaders to explore new avenues in an effort to sustain your brand. The author joins forces with her business Attorney Colette Fergusson to include an often overlooked but essential area of business that speaks volumes on the importance of "covering your assets." Daniels says that proper preparation, planning and outstanding performance are the essence of being able to sustain in any business.

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Leading with Care: How Women Around the World are Inspiring Businesses, Empowering Communities, and Creating Opportunity
Mary Cantando

In this groundbreaking book, management expert Mary Cantando examines the stories of women in the developing world who, with help from CARE, have capitalized on personal and professional opportunities, contributed to their communities, influenced their physical environment and overcome discrimination on the road to establishing self-sufficiency. Structured around the five principles of CARE's mission statement, the author pairs these women's stories with stories from the lives of successful corporate executive women in the United States to show how women who are worlds apart can draw from each other's experiences for inspiration and learning. Perfect for women entrepreneurs, "Leading with Care" contains practical lessons about building businesses and self-sufficiency, in any economy, in any nation, and illustrates the power of women everywhere to create their own secure future.

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Millionaire Zone, The: 7 Winning Steps to a Seven-Figure Fortune
Jennifer Openshaw

When it comes to making a change in our lives, there is nothing more frightening than taking a financial risk -- starting your own business, investing money, or making a career change.

Not anymore.

Now you can achieve your financial dreams without having to go it alone By showing you how to stay in your comfort zone, nationally recognized financial expert Jennifer Openshaw eliminates the roadblocks between you and your financial rewards. This book will help you make the change you’ve always thought about but were too afraid to try.

With Jennifer’s straightforward, simple approach, you’ll leave behind all the excuses that hold so many of us back from making the changes necessary to achieve our financial goals. You’ll learn how to use what’s already at your fingertips -- the people, places, and opportunities closest to you -- to make money. Along with her seven winning strategies unlocking the secrets to your first million, she includes advice on:

- How to make people want to help you
- Three powerful ways to turn a "No" into a "Yes"
- How to connect with top decision-makers
- How to create your own advisory board
- Dealing with debt -- and more
- Turning your passions into profits

Jennifer will also inspire you with the stories of how some of America’s wealthiest people got where they are today by applying the principles at the heart of this book. Plus, in these pages you’ll find groundbreaking research based on surveys and interviews with over 3,000 Americans on how they used familiar things to research financial security.

To get you on the path to bigger and better things, Jennifer includes a Millionaire Zone Profile assessment with this book plus a 30-Day Getting Started Program to turn your passions into profits.

The Millionaire Zone will not only change your life but the way you operate in the world. Whether you’re an employee, investor, or entrepreneur, you’ll discover what other "Zoners" already know: That surrounding yourself with familiar things -- what Jennifer calls your LifeNet -- will empower you to overcome your fears and move your financial life from neutral to high-gear.

Thousands of people have reached the Millionaire Zone using Jennifer’s winning strategies. Now it’s your turn!

What People are Saying
"The Millionaire Zone is a must read for anyone serious about making money." -- Lynda Applegate, Professor, Harvard Business School

"If you’ve ever wondered how to use what you already know to make money, The Millionaire Zone is your answer." -- David Bach, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Automatic Millionaire

"Jennifer Openshaw shows you how to become truly rich by supporting and motivating others." -- Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level

"One of the greatest financial advocates for working Americans. . . . Get this book!" -- Sean Hannity, National Talk Radio Host, ABC Radio; Co-Host of Hannity and Colmes on the Fox News Channel

"The best book I’ve read on turning your passions into profits. . . . Don’t wait, buy this book." -- Maxine Clark, CEO, Build-a-Bear Workshop

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The New Rules of Marketing and PR
David Meerman Scott

The New Rules of Marketing and PR shows you how to leverage the potential that Web-based communication offers your business. Finally, you can speak directly to customers and buyers, establishing a personal link with the people who make your business work.

This new second edition paperback keeps you up-to-date on the latest trends.

  • New case studies and current examples are included to illustrate the very latest in marketing and PR trends.
  • Completely updated to reflect the latest marketing and PR techniques using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube
  • Includes a step-by-step action plan for harnessing the power of the Internet to communicate directly with buyers, increase sales, and raise online visibility
  • David Meerman Scott is a renowned online marketing strategist, keynote speaker and the author of World Wide Rave, from Wiley

The New Rules of Marketing and PR, Second Edition gives you all the information you need to craft powerful and effective marketing messages and get them to the right people at the right moment-at a fraction of the price of a traditional marketing campaign.

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The Power of Nice: How to Conquer the Business World With Kindness
Robin Koval, Linda Kaplan Thaler

Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval have moved to the top of the advertising industry by following a simple but powerful philosophy: It pays to be nice.

In an era when the corporate world glorifies a dog-eat-dog mentality, these two dynamic women built The Kaplan Thaler Group, one of the nation's fastest-growing advertising agencies, not with spears and intimidation, but with flowers and chocolates.

Read more about how this powerful four-letter word can change your life!

What People are Saying:
"This little book will show you why women should run most corporations in America, and maybe the entire country. Reading "Nice" will improve just about everything in your life, and that's a promise."
- James Patterson, best-selling author

"The Power of Nice is a wonder drug! It could literally save your career and your life. . . And let me suggest a first act of kindness: buy some extra copies for your enemies. I’ll bet they need The Power of Nice more than you do."
- Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone, the bestselling book on building relationships for success

"Leo Durocher was wrong! Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval’s “The Power of Nice” is the antidote to our increasingly mean-spirited culture. I’m going to send a copy to every political campaign consultant I know."
- Arianna Huffington

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POWER Optimism: Enjoy the Life You Have...Create the Success You Want
Dana Lightman, Ph.D.

Research shows that optimism is a vital ingredient for a life that is creative, productive and enjoyable. Now you can cultivate this winning attitude with POWER Optimism(tm). In this two-step program, you will learn the importance of interpretation; four types of negative patterns and what to do about them; fifteen strategies for creating and maintaining positive practices. The book is filled with true stories, humorous examples, unique insights and motivational anecdotes. It includes fun-to-use charts to help you move out of a growth slump and into a growth surge. Discover how to unlock your unique potential with POWER Optimism.

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Raising the Bar: Legendary Rainmakers Share Their Business Development Secrets
Robin M. Hensley

Rainmaking is on everyone's mind right now. But tough times are not exclusive to today's economic climate. We all had to start somewhere. In Robin Hensley's Raising the Bar: Legendary Rainmakers Share Their Business Development Secrets*, the reader is reminded that there actually are secrets to success, even in the worst of times. You will learn how ten top rainmakers built their practices using simple wisdom and a lot of hard work.

*A majority of the profits from the sale of the book are going to support the Atlanta Legal Aid Society.

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Think Confident, Be Confident: A Four-Step Program to Eliminate Doubt and Achieve Lifelong Self-Esteem
Marci G. Fox, Ph.D.

A practical four-step cognitive therapy program for overcoming self-doubt and fear—from leading experts in the field. Dr. Fox presented at the WLE '09 Fort Lauderdale conference to a great response of WLE members.

Long-time associates of the Beck Institute, Drs. Sokol and Fox share their practical, four-step cognitive therapy program for overcoming self-doubt and fear, building confidence, and maximizing potential in all areas of life. Their unique program enables the reader to identify and examine those areas where self-doubt gets triggered and interferes with their potential. As the self-doubt becomes more externalized, readers are shown step-by-step how to determine if their fear is valid, and if not, how to overcome it. Readers will learn how to develop confidence and to base their actions on a new, more positive belief structure, resulting in a true and lasting form of solid self-esteem and confidence.

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Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life
Gail Blanke

Blanke (Between Trapezes), a motivational speaker and former columnist for Real Simple, shovels aside detritus to make space for cleaner rooms and clearer minds. She challenges readers to follow her example in discarding 50 things; tossed items range from old clothes to the need to be right. The authors suggestions range from the humble (Have a swap party for your outgrown clothes) to the ambitious (Clarify who you are), and her scope and environmentally conscious mind-set make the book a rousing call to total transformation—one mismatched sock at a time.

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Trust Your Gut: How the Power of Intuition Can Grow Your Business
Lynn Robinson

In businesses big and small, making decisions comes with the territory. But how do you routinely make decisions that enhance, not diminish, the bottom line? According to successful business leaders, "intuition" is the answer.

Intuition — one of the fastest-spreading buzzwords in business — has become increasingly important to decision makers who are faced with the challenge of conflicting or inconclusive information. In Trust Your Gut, Lynn Robinson, one of the nation's leading intuition experts, reveals how top business people work with their "inner CEO" to win big accounts, increase sales, and resolve critical issues within their organizations.

She shows you how to access this incredibly valuable inner resource to make routinely successful decisions. When you know how your intuition communicates, you'll know when to make that critical call, or what makes a prospect tick, and you'll be guided to success in just about any business situation. With Robinson's advice, you'll learn how to:

* Identify "power hunches" that lead to success and add to the bottom line.
* Ask the right questions of your intuition to make the best decisions.
* Use your intuition to generate profitable new ideas.
* Tap your intuition for guidance in sales, customer relations, hiring, and employee retention.
* Understand the many ways that intuition provides creative solutions to difficult business challenges.
* Make successful decisions even when you have conflicting information or don't have all the facts.

Whether you're a startup entrepreneur or a high-powered chief executive of a multinational corporation, Trust Your Gut will help you make the right moves to grow your business.

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