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Elizabeth Pagano, Co-Author
The Transparency Edge and Coach


An author and leadership coach, Elizabeth Pagano?s book, THE TRANSPARENCY EDGE: How Credibility Can Make or Break You in Business (McGraw-Hill, ?2004), was chosen by Fast Company magazine as their ?Book of the Month? for March 2004. Written with her mother, Barbara Pagano, a renowned executive coach, facilitator, and speaker, the book has been translated into four languages, including Spanish and Chinese, and has been among Bookscan?s list of 50 best-selling new business books in America. It also hit #7 on Barnes & Noble?s list of bestselling business ethics books.

In her writing, coaching, and speaking, Elizabeth draws on wisdom and courage acquired through the unique challenges she?s faced, often of her own choosing. In November 2001, Elizabeth and her mother set out to sea ? alone ? sailing more than five months and 2,000 miles from Pensacola, Florida to the Northern Antilles on a 43-foot sailboat. They did this with far more determination than skills, committed to ?living life now? and ?learning along the way.? Herb McCormick, editor of Cruising World magazine, has said this about Elizabeth and Barbara: ?Women who have done what the Paganos have are a rarity, and I?ve never known of a mother-daughter sailing team. They will prove inspirational to many.?

Elizabeth has been an award-winning business reporter and columnist for a daily newspaper and numerous publications, covering a range of industries, decision-makers and workplace issues of Fortune 500 corporations and small businesses. She has profiled CEOs and business owners who have won and lost at leadership and has experienced workplace and leadership challenges first hand as a manager in the manufacturing sector.

Elizabeth is certified by Sun Microsystems as a leadership coach and works as a consultant for Right Management, a worldwide consulting firm. Recent clients include Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, the American Museum Association, Sun Microsystems, and Baptist Health Care. Articles by and about Elizabeth have been published in various national and regional business publications and newspapers.

Elizabeth graduated from Vanderbilt University and lives in Charleston, South Carolina. Every other Sunday she can be found sail racing in the Charleston Harbor, and as often as possible, she kayaks the Stono River. She and her mother learned a lot about great leadership from their river guides when they rafted the Futaleufu River in southern Chile, the second most dangerous commercially rafted river in the world. They will hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, Peru, in September 2005.

For additional information, please visit www.transparencyedge.com.

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