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Kathy Kerchner, President
InterSpeak LLC


Kathy Kerchner is passionate about helping companies successfully perform in front of live audiences or the media to deliver their key messages. A seasoned communication coach, Kathy will listen to your issues, ask the hard questions, and help you craft key messages.

Kathy’s depth of experience includes 15 years as an award-winning news anchor and reporter and nearly 20 years as a communications advisor to international corporations, not-for-profit agencies, associations, government agencies, banking institutions, and other organizations. She has coached CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to perform better during analyst calls and media interviews, has helped executives win new business using masterful presentations, and has trained managers at global companies to talk to their employees about sensitive issues.

As a veteran TV news anchor and reporter, Kathy interviewed a U.S. president, vice president, senators, and a host of celebrities. She reported from the Amazon region of Brazil, the island of Guam, a military base in Japan, and the remote Andes foothills of southern Bolivia. She won seven Emmy awards for her insightful stories.

Kathy’s highly acclaimed book, Soundbites: A Business Guide for Working with the Media, is in its second printing.

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