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Eloise Owens, President & Owner
The Momentum Company


Eloise Owens is all about creating momentum.

When she was 16, she climbed Half Dome Mountain – 7 hours straight up, on a dare – in her canvas white tennis shoes.

In college, the coach thought she had potential and made her the last pick for the collegiate volleyball team. The coach didn’t realize her power of momentum. She finished the season as an all conference player.

Momentum carried her to numerous National Sales and Leadership Awards in her 25-year sales career. She brought one office from No. 14 in the nation in sales to No.3 in just 12 short months. A testament to her momentous results.

In 1993, she walked away from corporate America, laced up her tennis shoes and began another climb straight up as a business owner and entrepreneur. A successful 15 years later she still wakes up everyday and makes it happen – just like all of us.

She now takes her momentum strategies to her clients such as Hilton Hotels, New York Times, Dave and Buster’s Restaurants and State Farm Insurance.

She has been featured in Selling Power Magazine and her new book Get off the Beach! is now in its second printing.

She is the mother of two children college graduates.

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