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Jenae Rubin
Sales Expert, Sales Powerhouse


“You made me excited to sell again.”
“Jenae presented more great ideas than I had ink in my pen!”
“You energized me to strive for higher goals.”

These are a sample of comments made after Jenae’s sales and marketing sessions. This is what you will feel after attending her sessions.

Jenae helps clients reach the #1 position. With hands-on sales and marketing experience since 1980, Jenae has a record of empowering salespeople, revitalizing ailing products, creating products, and adding profit centers.

Jenae’s successes include reversing a 5-year revenue decline in just three months. She exceeded plan in every position from salesman to publisher working in local, national and international markets.

Energize your sales with proven techniques, stress-free. The programs under the Stress-Free SellingTM umbrella make objections disappear by counteracting the obstacles salespeople place in their own way. When feeling urgency to make sales, salespeople skip steps. When you skip steps, you miss sales and wonder what to do. Stop wondering.

Jenae shares a philosophy and an approach, as well as a host of fantastic tips, techniques, tactics and strategies. Jerry Davis, Regional Director for GMAC/rfc said, “Stress-Free Selling is easy.” My reply? “Imagine if it were difficult! Sales is hard enough. It’s a shame we make it make it more complicated!!!” Adopt this approach, and watch sales happen faster, be larger, and last longer… stress free.

Jenaé has a warehouse of practical, no-nonsense, proven ways to increases sales. She thoroughly enjoys helping others achieve their goals. www.SalesPowerhouse.com/Overcome Objections.htm.

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