WLE Leadership Executive Circle (LEXCI) Program

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The New 2015 WLE Leadership Executive Circle (LEXCI) Program: Connections Circles

Developed and facilitated by ANDREA MARCH, the co-founder of Women's Leadership Exchange® (WLE), the Leadership Executive Circle program, known as LEXCI (pronounced Lex-See), connects businesswomen with each other locally, regionally and nationally. Success today requires strong relationships with other professionals…Professionals that can act as your advocate and support your business development and growth.

LEXCI helps successful women business owners and professionals create their own powerful Connections Circle that enables them to expand their business network of support in unique ways producing extraordinary results.

Ever wish you had your own Advisory Board for your business or your career? Well that's exactly what a LEXCI Connections Circle is -- everyone in the Circle participates together to give advice, ideas, introductions and referrals to help ensure your success.  And because it is all women, there isn't anything that you can't talk about.  We know that as women, our personal lives sometimes with our professional life and vice versa. In the LEXCI Circle, you can feel comfortable sharing challenges that may come up in this area.  And we create a safe place to share.  (All sign a confidentiality form.)

The Results: 

Great business referrals! Business growth! Career connections. New Relationships. Connect with more potential clients and customers through a circle of influential women, who know each other well, trust each other and refer business to each other.

Extraordinary Expertise for all! Monthly presentations enable members to generously share their expertise enabling all members to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Monthly Circle Meetings – ensure the creation of your own support network – The New Women’s Network

One-on-one Private Meetings during the month build relationships that enable trust, collaboration and support

What is the New Leadership Executive Circle (LEXCI) Program?

  • Connections Circles is a business referral and support network
  • Each Connections Circle has 12 to 20 members who meet monthly, the same day and time each month, as a group
  • Each Connections Circle is composed of members that hold one category exclusivity in which they are not directly competitive with others in the Circle
  • One-on-one connections sit-downs are held by members privately throughout the month following each meeting to build relationships, trust, and understand each other’s needs in order to make referrals
  • Meet members of other LEXCI Connections Circles at WLE group gatherings and at WLE Conferences and events 

How Do I Join?

To join, please complete our application. Please note: there will be business category exclusivity in each group; to ensure your category exclusivity and to be included in the Circle, immediate registration is suggested.

The Investment: only $999.00 annual fee

To discuss the program or to register:
For NYC LEXCI Circle membership,
please contact Andrea March at (212) 209-1571 amarch@womensleadershipexchange.com.

What Past LEXCI's have said:

I attended my first WLE event in November 2008, and I still remember one particular presentation from that event, because it lit a fire in me and changed the way I saw my role as a leader. Immediately I joined a LEXCI Circle and found a wonderful source of networking, new ideas, resources and wonderful role models. Whenever I connect with WLE/LEXCI, I hear new ideas that inspire me to reach higher and go farther than I previously imagined. Through the programs I’ve attended and the relationships I’ve formed, this organization continues to feed my creativity, generate valuable insights, provide much-needed personal support and help me formulate and carry-out plans for enhancing both my business and my life.

Charlene Hoey, CEO, Meyer & Associates Marketing Communications

 “And, of course, NONE of this  would be possible without the environment that Andrea has created. Every group needs a facilitator, a leader, and someone whose ability to articulate is as great as their heart and their intellect.   In the easiest, and most supportive manner, women are growing, changing, and accomplishing substantive things right before our very eyes.  It is really a marvel to behold.”

 Anne Akers, publisher GLOW Beauty, Health and Wellness Magazine

 “As a new business owner I was looking for a group of more experienced women that could answer my growing pains questions and be my sounding  board as I advanced my business. I got so much more than I expected. I formed great relationships, got training that would have cost me thousands, and even picked up some projects through the group. This was the best thing I could have done.”

 Amy Zucchi-Justice, co-founder, head of strategy & marketing, The Karlyn Group