WLE Leadership Executive Circle (LEXCI) Program : Testimonials

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What Top Businesswomen Say About the WLE LEXCI Program:

“LEXCI has exposed me to thought leaders from all over the world that, once I have spent personal time with them at conferences and spa retreats, they have opened my eyes to ideas and practices that I would have never thought of on my own!! 

I have spent personal time with magnificent, inspirational women such as PingFu, Gloria Allred, Gloria Steinem, Maureen Beal, Edie Weiner, Robin Koval, Lupe Valdez and Valerie Redhorse.   Thank you, Leslie and Andrea, for creating Women's Leadership Exchange® and the LEXCI Circles!”

Victoria Rock, CEO and President, Victoria Court Reporting Service Inc.

  • “Great opportunity to share ideas with women you would not have had a chance to get to know – I am learning so much from my LEXCI connections”
  • “Love the ability to reach out to a group of women who are empowered and interested in supporting each other”
  • “Great opportunity for personal connection with women in leadership (eg. Conference LEXCI meetings)”

Patricia Hughes, EVP Business Development, VueLogic Particia Hughes

“Since I got involved with WLE a little over a year ago, I have benefited in numerous ways by connecting with powerful and successful women, all of which have enthusiastically supported me and made me feel very special. I have grown my business substantially in the last year and I can definitely credit WLE with many new business contacts that have contributed to this growth. Now with my new LEXCI status, I get to have exclusive access to meeting celebrities and other women with whom I feel strongly will help me grow my business even more. Examples of women that I not only personally met but also had pictures taken with and will continue to develop relationships with are Billy Jean King (the tennis legend); Michelle Peluso (President and CEO, Travelocity); Carly Fiorina (Former CEO & Chairman of the Board, Hewlett Packard, Author “Tough Choices”); and others. Being a LEXCI member will give me access to powerful coaching and mentoring, in addition to many more benefits (too many to list) so I can reach my revenue goals and business plans. I am thrilled to be a part of WLE and the new LEXCI circle of powerful and influential women that are makin’ it happen. 2008 will rock for me and my company!”

Lily Z Winsaft
Founder & CEO
Aldebaran Associates International
Recruiting with Purpose and Passion™

“As a LEXCI member I travelled to the last 2 out of 3 conferences and wow! Was it worth it! I had "access" (magic word) to everyone--private receptions with the author/keynoters, and meeting amazing, accomplished women from all over the country. It was really sweet, and I enjoyed every minute of it! I am now in contact with 3 LEXCI members from different cities, whom I regard as personal "friends"--very wonderful benefit! Thank you for creating this!”

Mimi Donaldson
Marina del Rey, CA