WLE Leadership Executive Circle (LEXCI) Program

The WLE Leadership Executive Circle (LEXCI) Program

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Developed by Women's Leadership Exchange® (WLE), the Leadership Executive Circle program, known as LEXCI, transforms good leaders into great leaders and connects business women with each other - all over the country. LEXCI helps successful women business owners and executives create their own powerful circles of influence that enable them to expand their business network of support in unique ways producing extraordinary results.

What is the Leadership Executive Circle (LEXCI) Program?

  • Created by WLE with a PhD, certified in Total Leadership from the Wharton School’s Leadership Development Program, LEXCI focuses on leadership and new business development and expands LEXCI members’ Circles of Influence locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • The LEXCI program features:
    • Peer-to-peer Circles of 10 to 20 women facilitated by a certified executive coach
    • Workshops and exercises to heighten leadership skills and relationship building
    • Business Development/Referral Network
    • Mentoring – each LEXCI member has the opportunity to be a mentor and a mentee  
    • Access to top women leaders throughout the world through the WLE LEXCI Social Network
    • Meetings and receptions both regionally and at WLE  conferences – business leads, introductions and referrals
    • One-on-one executive coaching (LEXCI-2 and LEXCI-3 only)

Who should become a member of LEXCI?

LEXCI has specific Peer Circles for women who are leading businesses or hold mid to high level management roles in corporations, etc. Women who want to realize their full leadership potential, continue to develop their businesses and careers and build trusted relationships with other women leaders

LEXCI-2 & LEXCI-3 are for women who are peers as follows: Women business owners/leaders, senior executives, professionals, business leaders of companies and non-profits with revenues of over $1 million (LEXCI-2) and over $10 million (LEXCI-3) or who are established leaders in their respective fields.

LEXCI-1 is for women who are leading their own businesses for at least 2 years and have at least $250,000 in revenues.

Hear about the LEXCI program from LEXCI Members

Learn what top women say about their experience in the LEXCI (Leadership Executive Circle) program and
hear them share their insights in being successful in the current economy:

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Marjorie Singley-Hall
Ampersand Associates, Inc.
Marlene C. Franke
CPA Managing Member
Franke & Associates
Debra Duneier
President, Living Home by Debra, LLC.;
Manhattan Real Estate Broker, Corcoran

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Patricia Hughes
EVP Business Development
Sarah Merians
Sarah Merians
Photography & Video Company
New York City
Victoria Rock
CEO and President
Victoria Court Reporting Service Inc.