WLE Leadership Executive Circle (LEXCI) Program : Benefits & Focus

Benefits & Focus of LEXCI Program

Long Term Benefits

  • Build a life-long network of peer relationships and support                                   
  • Gain access to leaders in business and other spheres of influence nationally and internationally      
  • Open doors to new business through leads and referrals
  • Learn from top business experts at WLE conferences, LEXCI meetings and online
  • The opportunity to mentor and be mentored
  • Increased ability to think and plan strategically, manage risks effectively
  • Develop critical leadership and management skills


  • Develop critical leadership and management skills to develop teams, increase motivation and retention, increase organizational performance and increase productivity
  • Identify crucial resources that could be utilized to build a board of directors, improve and broaden client relationships and strengthen professional networks
  • Leverage strengths more effectively
  • Define business objectives and criteria for success
  • Improve overall results by developing key solutions to business challenges
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Increase organizational resiliency
  • Maximize innovation and adaptability to adjust to market trends