Press Center : In Daring New Business Model for 2010, Women's Leadership Exchange Breaks From Live Conference Format on May 26th To Hold First-Ever Virtual Summit for Women Business Owners

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In Daring New Business Model for 2010, Women's Leadership Exchange® Breaks From Live Conference Format on May 26th To Hold First-Ever Virtual Summit  for Women Business Owners

WLE cofounder cites major advantages of staying put for global connectivity

George Santayana said: “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  That advice was not lost on Leslie Grossman, cofounder of Women's Leadership Exchange® (WLE), a social entrepreneurship company that since 2002 has held a series of well-attended, exciting and dynamic live conferences for businesswomen. For Grossman, a serial entrepreneur, and author of SELLsation: How Companies Can Capture Today's Hottest Market: Women Business Owners and Executives, the history lesson learned were that she needed to acknowledge current socioeconomic realities and be willing to change the company's business model.

With travel budgets slashed, affecting the live conferences, she realized that what worked in the '90's did not always not work in the new decade.  Now the WLE had to do what they had always advised other women to do: get out of their comfort zone and shake up their own business. Says Grossman:  “2009 was about reducing costs and staying in business. This year, 2010, is about growing the business. In many cases, that may require a new business model, or at the very least, a new way of doing business.”

The resulting new business model will be unveiled on Wednesday, May 26 with the first WLE Virtual Summit 2010 for Women Business Owners and Professionals—described in detail at By the way, men can attend, too.

How did Leslie and her business partner Andrea March arrive at the decision to change their business model?  As Grossman explains: “First, the technology has finally arrived to the point that we can deliver everything we have at live conferences virtually in streaming video - right to your own PC or Mac. Second, businesses are looking to save on expenses. So if my company can deliver to our audience valuable keynotes, workshops, networking, resources and exhibits on our customers' computers, they save time and save money. Business owners can use those bucks they would have spent on fees, travel and parking to invest in their own businesses. Third, the virtual format enables us to archive the conference content so that our attendees can go back after the event and listen and see it again as often as they want. At the WLE Virtual Summit you can replay the speeches, etc. and all the great information you learned or didn't get to hear the first time for yourself and your team.”

Interestingly, the WLE Virtual Summit is being keynoted by Arianna Huffington, who also created a new business model - The Huffington Post, making her a perfect choice for kicking off the theme of the conference: “A New Way of Doing Business.”

Today many women in business are also changing how they do business, andwould appreciate and benefit from Leslie Grossman’s tips and strategies and specific real life examples on how to intelligently “shake up their business.”

May we set up a pre-event interview?  I would also like to invite you to the event as our guest.

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