E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Fall 2008

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Fall 2008

November/December 2008 Volume 6 • Issue 3

THIS ISSUE: Opportunity
It’s a difficult time to run a business. Yet, each of us has seen it prove true that challenges often bring opportunities. In this issue, we’ve gathered advice and ideas from successful women and business owners to help you to identify and make the most of your next opportunity.

Feature Article

Helen Greiner, inventor of the iRobot Roomba®, shares her thoughts on seizing opportunity in this profile of successful women in technology sponsored by WLE national sponsor Best Buy. Read the full story.

The Opportunity… Building a Sustainable Business
Going green can attract environmentally conscious customers and save you money in the long run. The experts at American Express OPENsm offer useful and timely advice on growing your business by becoming more earth friendly. Read the full story.

The Opportunity… Banking Services Can Help Boost Your Business
In difficult times, your bank can suggest ways to improve your cash management processes, protect assets or help grow your business. Union Bank of California Vice President Gail Ives offers advice on making your banking relationship pay off. Read the full story.

The Opportunity… Surf’s Up! Catch Higher Waves of Sales Success and Avoid the Wipeouts
Selling and surfing have much in common. Both require preparation, skill, and determination. Sales strategist and WLE Growth Guru Eloise Owens offers advice on how to catch the “big waves.” Read the full story.

The Opportunity… When Business Demands Travel, Pack With Style
In today’s global economy, it is possible that your next business opportunity will require travel. Donna Morgan CEO Kathleen McFeeters offers advice on looking your best while packing light. Read the full story.

The Opportunity… Work to Ensure Gender Equality
It’s true that women have made progress, but have we arrived yet? Not according to U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY). Here she argues that “rumors of our progress have been greatly exaggerated” and urges each of us to continue the fight. Read the full story.

WLE Connections
Surviving an economic downturn requires strategic thinking and decisive action. At the WLE East Coast Summit hear advice from women who have braved challenges and won. Learn from them how to avoid mistakes and make the best of opportunities. Read the full story.

The number and financial impact of women-owned businesses continue to increase despite the economic uncertainties of the past few years. A Center for Women’s Business Research study offers irrefutable evidence. Read the full story.

Got Leadership?
Who’s got it? How do you get it? WLE Cofounder Leslie Grossman, and co-creator of the new WLE Leadership Executive Circle (LEXCI) program shares her views and why it’s important that we become more effective leaders. Read the full story.

Find out about upcoming events for business women around the country. See the list.


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