E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Spring 2009

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Spring 2009

May/June 2009 Volume 7 • Issue 1

In This Issue: Ready for Recovery
We’ve come to grips with the reality of the economic climate.  So, let’s look forward and prepare for the turnaround.  WLE Growth Gurus, business sponsors and guest contributors offer an array of suggestions to keep your marketing, financial and operations strategies on target.

Feature Article – Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval “The Power of Small”

In their latest book, advertising innovators and well-known WLE speakers Kaplan Thaler and Koval share how small gestures in business can lead to huge results. It’s a relevant message in today’s economy. Read the full story.

Ready for Recovery … Five No-Cost Marketing Techniques You Can Use Right Now
Slow times are not times to stop marketing.  On the contrary, you need to stay before your target audience now more than ever. Marketing expert and WLE Advisory Board member Adriane Berg describes five no-cost marketing techniques that will keep you top of mind. Read the full story.

Ready for Recovery … Learn to Tune into Prospects’ Buying Styles
When every sales call counts, preparation and strategy are essential. WLE Growth Guru and leadership coach Diane Amundson explains how to zero in on your prospect’s needs. Read the full story.

Ready for Recovery … Leverage Social Media and Web Marketing for Growth
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.  What is this new world of social networking and how can my business use it best? Web marketing expert and WLE Growth Guru  Shawna Vercher has the answers. Read the full story.

Ready for Recovery … Make Sure Your SmartPhone Is Living Up to Its Name
With their wealth of features, SmartPhones are capable of keeping you connected anywhere and any time. Best Buy, a WLE partner, offers advice for practical – and fun – ways to make sure a SmartPhone helps you work smart. Read the full story.

Ready for Recovery … Stay Close to Customers to Keep Out the Competition
No matter what the sales climate, you need to see and be seen if customers are going to remember you.  WLE partner American Airlines offers advice on courting clients and prospects and making the best use of business travel. Read the full story.

Ready for Recovery … Make Sure You Know the Score When It Comes to Credit
The time to improve your creditworthiness is before you need to borrow, not when you’re ready to apply for a loan. Credit counseling expert and WLE speaker Jeanne Kelly explains the why and how of establishing good credit so you’ll be ready to grow your business. Read the full story.

Ready for Recovery … Good Design Keeps Employees Motivated
Keeping your team upbeat is essential if they are to be ready when business returns to normal.  Even on a tight budget, a few furnishings and accessories can brighten employee areas and make them feel valued. WLE partner IKEA shows you how. Read the full story.

Ready for Recovery … How One Woman Reinvented Her Business During a Recession
Inspiration can often turn a negative into a positive.  Learn how a posting on American Express’ OPENForum blog gave one business owner an idea that’s revolutionizing her business model. Read the full story.

Ready for Recovery … Consumer-Directed Health Plans Trim Costs While Maintaining Quality Care
How do you balance the need to offer health benefits in order to retain employees with the reality of tight budgets? According to an Aetna study, plans in which employees play a greater role in decision making serve everyone well. Read the full story.

LEXCI Members Are Award-Winning
Find out what WLE’s “stars” have been up to. Read the full story.

WLE Co-Founders Gather Accolades
Leslie Grossman, Andrea March and the WLE communications team are in the spotlight. Read the full story.

Leslie Grossman, cofounder of WLE, and blogger, shares her experience with economic downturns. She's been through the bad, the bleak and the ugly several times; and has learned that unexpected successes lie on the other side. She shares her insights. Read the full story.

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