E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Fall 2009

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Fall 2009

Fall 2009

October/November 2009 Volume 7 • Issue 2


As more and more business experts see the silver lining of the economic downturn, and you've started preparing your recovery strategy, it's time to envision and work toward excelling. In the spirit of National Positivity Week, we’ve selected some of our most inspirational sales, marketing and tech gurus to share their advice on how to forge forward and achieve your boldest business dreams.


Clear Your Doubts, Clear Your Path to Success
Uncertain times create uncertain feelings, which, in turn, can sabotage our actions and, ultimately, our business success. WLE Confidence Guru Marci Fox gives you tips on how to conquer doubt and build the confidence to achieve your business dreams. Read the full story.

Succeed… Meet Our First WLE Biz Wiz
She came up with her revolutionary business idea in a high school ceramics class. In college, she already realized her vision and perfected her patented design concept. Today, at 23, she is a business mogul running a multi-million dollar company while helping women change their looks without changing their soles. Our first ever Biz Wiz Award winner and founder of SwitchFlops, Lindsay Phillips, shares her success story, the challenges and fears she faced along the way and how she was able to overcome them. Read the full story.

Succeed… Finding Marketing Opportunities in a Down Economy
In an economic downturn, businesses tend to focus on the challenges they are facing and often miss the hidden opportunities that lead to growth. Marketing expert Katherine O'Hara reveals 5 important steps you can take today to rethink your marketing efforts and reinvent your business. Read the full story.

Succeed… When It Comes to Making the Sale, One Thing Is Key
In the age of blooming social media channels, very few people use the right approach. Everybody is busy trying to figure out how to boost business at minimal-to-no-cost. WLE Social Media Guru Lena West debunks the biggest myth about Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Read the full story.

Succeed… Stay Connected, Not Confined
If you are one of those people who is "married" to your laptop and Blackberry and even the slightest tech glitch costs your business money and credibility -- join the club! Best Buy tech expert Sara Traun reveals some of the cutting-edge technologies every businessperson should know about in order to be effectively and efficiently connected in a business world where perfect is no longer good enough. Read the full story.

Succeed ... Get Your Biz on a"Healthier" Track
Nothing contributes more to business success than happy employees, and health benefits are an essential component in employee satisfaction. Aetna health expert Miguel Centeno gives you tips on how to evaluate and select the best plan that's right both for your employees and your budget to ensure that your business stays "healthy" in any economy. Read the full story.

Leslie Grossman, WLE cofounder, blogger and author, shares her insights about the "adventure" of selling for success. Being coached by one of the best sales gurus, she encourages you to sell beyond your product or service.

WLE Cofounder Leslie Grossman has been accepted as a contributing blogger at the Huffington Post, "The Internet Newspaper." The Huffington Post was recently ranked as the most powerful blog in the world. You can follow Leslie's latest posts here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/leslie-grossman. Become a Fan of Leslie on HuffPost and move blog posts about women up in the rankings!

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