E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Spring 2010

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Spring 2010

Spring 2010

March/April 2010 Volume 8 • Issue 2

THIS ISSUE: “Women Making History”


Women Making History … Utilizing the Power of Your Unique Voice by Gloria Feldt
For International Women’s Day: Use the Power of Your Voice and Other Leadership Lessons. "People do not disregard my voice," actress Kathleen Turner said to me in her famously smoky tones. "It calms babies. It turns men on. When I call a restaurant and say, 'This is Kathleen Turner,' they say, 'Yes . . . yes it is.' And I get a table." Read full article.

Women Making History … How to Summon Creativity to Achieve Innovation
When Vanessa Troyer and Chris Farentinos first hit on the idea that would change their lives, they were thinking big — a little too big, actually. “It was a mail receptacle/guest house,” Mr. Farentinos jokes, describing an oversize, locking mailbox nicknamed the Elephant Trunk. Read full article.

Women Making History … How to Triumph as a New Girl in an Old Boys Club
As a general surgery resident, heart surgeon Dr. Kathy Magliato was searching her soul for some kind of justification for what she was having to endure each day. Read full article.

Women Making History … How to Create Truly Effective Workplaces for All
Have you ever wondered why: So few women run companies around the world? Even fewer American companies are run by Japanese men? There are more tall male leaders than short male leaders? Read full article.

Women Making History … Become a Better Multiplier of Revenue and Beyond
Theresa Alfaro Daytner was managing a successful general contracting and construction management firm selling to private, institutional and commercial clients when a peer piqued her interest in government contracting. Read full article.

Women Making History … Top Ten Characteristics of Successful Women Business Owners
Sharon Hadary shares that there are more women in leadership positions than at any time in this country's history. Women are making history and changing the face of this nation’s economy. Today, women hold 51% of all management and professional positions. Fourteen percent of the military are women. There are 91 women who are elected members of Congress – the highest ever. Read the full story.

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May 26th, 2010

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