Growth Happens When You Engage with Your Customers

Growth Happens When You Engage with Your Customers

Are you engaging your customers? Well, why wouldn't you? Have you realized that you spend money with people you like, services you trust and businesses that prove their value to you?   Example, there is an Italian restaurant in town that we go to regularly. Within a five block radius there are at least 10 places that have similar menus. Yet  we choose this particular restaurant. True, the pizza is great, the salads big and the lasagna always perfect. But the real reason we call ourselves regulars is how we feel when we go in. We feel welcomed. We are always greeted with a friendly hello. The owners always are eager to catch up with us. "How was your trip?" "Did you like the rolls you bought last week" "How is your daughter doing?"  One day the owner sat down with me and shared his chicken parm recipe! They are genuine about it too. And it's not just us. They talk to all of their customers.

It's seems like a given but I do believe as businesses we are so concentrated on finding new prospects we forget about what is right in front of us.  The customers who we do business with today are our customers of tomorrow. They are also are advocates. Your current customer is extremely valuable. They will spend more than a new customer and refer business your way.   Don’t walk away from them after a sale is made. Build upon your relationship. Engage with them.   Learn about what is important to them. Stop trying to “do business” and just “be” with your customers.
Social Media and Email Marketing gives us tools to develop our customer relationships. Here are some quick tips to put them to work for you.

  • Embrace your social presence:  Create conversations. Pose questions. Answer questions. Don’t be afraid of negative comments.  Jump in and resolve.
  • Listen: Yes, pay attention to what your customers are saying on their social networks. Put out a feedback poll and get their opinion on your services and products. The more you know the more you can meet their needs.
  • Use email marketing to continue to cultivate and nurture these relationships in a more one on one way. A chock full of value monthly newsletter can help solidify your position as a major resource and partner to your customers. Remember; keep your newsletters concise and more educational/informative then sales oriented.
  • Focus your marketing messages on your benefits not your features. If you find yourself talking more about your business and less about what’s important to your customer refine your strategy.
  • Now go out that and get to your know your customers better. It’s not only effective but in many ways a whole lot more fun!
  • Do both. Say thanks, be generous with your expertise and have some fun! Your customers will never forget!

About the Author: Wendi Caplan-Carroll  is the local marketing expert for Constant Contact in the New York Metro area. This includes Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Northern & Central New Jersey. She runs frequent, free seminars on email marketing, interactive training workshops, and industry specific programs. To contact Wendi or a local marketing expert in your area visit

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