Want to Grow Your Business? Write a Book.

Want to Grow Your Business? Write a Book.

Many entrepreneurs recognize the value of writing a book to promote their brand. There is no doubt, becoming a published author adds credibility to your resume. But writing a book is a difficult challenge, and simply talking about doing it wonít get it done.† I know.† Iíve just completed my fourth book which will be published in October by AMACOM -- a division of the American Management Association.

So here are the answers to some typical questions I get from would-be authors.

1.† Should I hire someone to write my book for me?†† There are people you can hire to write a book on your behalf, but even with their services youíre going to have to be significantly involved.† Youíre the expert who has the knowledge to share and youíll have to convey all that wisdom to the writer which takes time.† Plus, depending on the experience and ability of the writer, it can be expensive.†

2.† Where do I start?† If you want to write a book, quit talking about it and do it.† People frequently say, ďOh Iíve got a wonderful idea for a book, but I canít seem to find the time to write it. Iím so busy with my business.Ē†††

Well, weíre all busy, but when you truly want to do something you find time to do it.† No one sits down and writes a book all at one time.† At least no one I know does it that way.† Every book Iíve ever written took at least nine months to one year to complete and sometimes the finished product looked much different than my original concept.†

The best piece of advice I can share with you for writing a book is to get started.† Start today or tomorrow, but not next week.† Schedule time most every day to write, even if itís only 15 minutes, and write something even if you think what youíre writing makes no sense at all.† Personally, I recommend writing at the same time every day and at the time when you are most creative.†

3. †How can I get a book published?† As for getting the book published, there are lots of on-line self-publishing options available that are reasonably priced and allow you to print small quantities so you can easily make changes.† For example, you can customize your book for specific clients.† However, generating sales for a self-published book is extremely difficult.†

As for securing a contract with a publishing house, thatís a lot tougher.† My recommendation is to purchase the Writerís Reference Guide.† It lists all the publishers along with the types of books they publish and their contact information.† The great thing about working with a commercial publisher is they have established sales distribution channels.†

Now, as for my new book.† Hereís my offer to you.† If you reserve your advance copy now, Iíll send you a package of free gifts right away.† Plus, youíll be entered to win a trip for 2 to the Hacienda del Mar Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico -- airfare included.† Make your purchase online at www.itsyourbizbook.com.† Maybe while youíre relaxing on the beach you can start writing your book.

About the Author: A woman of many talents, Susan Wilson Solovic, CEO of www.itsyourbiz.com, †is an award-winning entrepreneur, †a journalist, bestselling author, multi-media personality, and attorney. But behind every achievement, Solovic embodies ideas that make her universallyóand intimatelyórelatable to all entrepreneurs: hard work, fortitude, and persistence. In a world of quick and questionable viral fame, Solovic is a rare commodity: she is what she preaches.

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