E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Fall 2011

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Fall 2011

Fall 2011

August/September 2011 Volume 9 • Issue 3

THIS ISSUE: “Go For Growth - 2”

2011 is the year to focus on growth. We believe if leaders of businesses don't continue to move forward in a positive way, we begin to fall backwards. If we push ahead with a positive mindset, we can change the energy and open new doors. We see the future and it looks great. Business is different than it was two years ago, but it is exciting and offers new opportunities. It's our job, to help you get out of your own head and look at things in a new way... always with a positive slant. This year's four live conferences are all about growth. Next up is the Chicago on August 18th, Minneapolis on September 27, and Phoenix is Nov. 15th. The New York City conference on July 21st delivered great results and connections to the women attending . Read the comments. Enjoy this issue and take it all in!! And remember the key message: GROWTH!


Go For Growth: 5 Daily Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs
Presented By

Have you ever noticed that when you get things right in your business, other opportunities start arriving, with almost no effort on your part? In interviewing many successful entrepreneurs over the years, Iíve noticed that they often rely on small daily habits and routines - both in business and their personal lives that keep the needle on their business moving in the right direction. These disciplines arenít complicated but they pay big dividends. Read full article.

Go For Growth: You Are What You Think
By The Center for Creative Leadership
Want to boost your confidence, mental toughness and resilience? Enhance the performance of your team? CCL's Bill Adams says the mental models used by elite athletes can be used to manage your mind for peak performance at work. "Your thoughts affect your performance - and the performance of the people around you," says Adams. "Olympic athletes as well as superstars like Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus and Sugar Ray Leonard understand this connection well." Read full article.

Go For Growth: Project Management: Four Problems to Avoid
By Brian Tracy
It is important that you never trust to luck when you plan a project. Hope is not a strategy. Remember the words of Napoleon, when he was asked if he believed in luck. He said, "Yes, I believe in luck. I believe in bad luck. And I believe that I will always have it, so I plan accordingly." There are four main problems in project management. Each of them can be avoided by taking the time to think carefully before embarking on a new project. Read full article.

Go For Growth: Growth Happens When You Engage with Your Customers
By Wendi Caplan-Carroll
Are you engaging with your customers? Well, why wouldn't you? Have you realized that you spend money with people you like, services you trust and businesses that prove their value to you? Read full article.*

Go For Growth: Energize Your Business and Your Life with EcoChi®
By Debra Duneier
I created the EcoChi system of design because I needed it in my own life. EcoChi is a lifestyle shift that meticulously blends the powerful ancient and modern lessons of classical feng shui, green and sustainable living and environmental psychology to revolutionize how people feel when they are in a building. In Eastern philosophy, it is believed that life and the natural world are inseparable from one another. As we become more attentive to nature, we become more aware of ourselves. Read full article.

Go For Growth: Want to Grow Your Business? Write a Book.
By Susan Wilson Solovic
Many entrepreneurs recognize the value of writing a book to promote their brand. There is no doubt, becoming a published author adds credibility to your resume. But writing a book is a difficult challenge, and simply talking about doing it won't get it done. Read full article.


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5 Daily Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Project Management: Four Problems to Avoid

You Are What You Think

Growth Happens When You Engage with Your Customers

Want to Grow Your Business? Write a Book.

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