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WLE presents an extensive library of timely news articles, websites and other resources on topics of concern to women in business: from finance to leadership to marketing. This is a one-stop source for the information you seek.

You can also read issues of the WLE's e-newsletter - WLE Exchange online.

Business Finance: Financials

  • How Your Credit Impacts Your Success
    Can your credit score determine how successful you are just in your business but also in your everyday life? Knowing your credit score can lead you into the right direction of becoming more successful. It is more important now than ever for you to check your credit score to make sure that it is ...
  • The F Words - Finance, Federal Funds, and Forecasting
    A new year is approaching. I, like many people, enjoy starting new and seeking to grow, learn, and help others. Here is a plan that will help improve those dreaded F word areas Finance, Federal Funds for You and Forecasting for you and your business moving into 2011. Finance - Seek out the ...
  • D.R.O.O.M.
    How To Fuel Sustainable Financial Growth: Part 1 by Beth Polish From time to time, all companies need financing as fuel for growth. Just like the fuel for your car -- which might be diesel, regular, or super -- financing for your company comes in many types. To avoid having your financin...
  • Ten Tips for Developing Credible Financials
    By Geri Stengel, Women's Leadership Exchange Face it: Sooner or later, you'll have to prepare a set of financials. Perhaps you?re applying for a bank loan, seeking debt financing or evaluating your company?s numbers for internal purposes. In each of these cases, the reader may be looking for ...
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