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WLE presents an extensive library of timely news articles, websites and other resources on topics of concern to women in business: from finance to leadership to marketing. This is a one-stop source for the information you seek.

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Business Finance: Benefits

  • Know Where to Get Help
    By Katharine N. Begley Consider the 45-year old woman struggling to run her own business, keep up with a busy family life, and care for aging parents. Or, a 35-year old woman struggling to decide whether or not to stay in her marriage, or a 58-year old woman struggling through her first lonely h...
  • Help Improve the Retirement Outlook for You and Your Employees
    Are you and your employees on track toward a financially secure retirement?  If micro-business owners are any indication, many companies’ owners and employees face significant gaps in retirement preparedness. A recent study found that among the nation’s 20 million micro-busines...
  • Take Care of the People Who Take Care of Your Business
    by Kate Begley As a small business owner, you know that attracting and retaining the right people is vital to your business. But, leading people and drawing out their unique strengths and talents doesn’t come naturally to everyone.  It’s hard to be the culture carrier, cheerlead...
    ?What?s in it for me?? is the first question an employee may ask while surveying a potential employer?s benefits package. But it?s also a question each company should pose about its own benefits plan. While the benefits to employees are obvious -- health insurance, retirement security, and other p...
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