WLE S2W (Sell2Women) Program

What is WLE S2W (Women's Leadership Exchange® Sell2Women)?

Are 85% of your company’s sales made by women?

If your answer is NO, you are missing a huge opportunity. 
Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases, including everything from autos to healthcare. Read more data on this powerful market.

Women's Leadership Exchange®, the leading women’s business community since 2002, is the expert in marketing to business women. We have access to some of the most affluent women in the U.S. – women leading their own businesses, executives and professionals. They are the decision makers on purchases for their businesses and their households.

You’ve read the press. Today, there are more women employed than men in the corporate world and they own 40% of all firms in the U.S.

If you are not using specialized marketing opportunities to reach this powerful market segment, talk to us.

WLE S2W (Sell2Women) creates customized marketing opportunities - specific to your product and service - to train your sales force, create unique marketing events and develop Advisory Boards. You will learn firsthand how this customer, thinks, makes decisions wants to be marketed to and we help you move into action to close sales. We move your Advisory Board into action to become the voice of your brand In their community. Nothing is stronger than women’s word of mouth. With the WLE S2W program, your Advisory Board becomes the advocate for your brand – one of the many ways we help propel your brand name awareness, your message and your sales.

Andrea March     
Women's Leadership Exchange®