WLE S2W (Sell2Women) Program : The Power of the Women's Market

The Power of the Women's Market

  • Nearly 10.1 million firms are 50% or more owned by women, employing 13 million people, and generating $1.9 trillion in sales as of 2008*
  • Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care:*
    • 91% of New Homes
    • 66% PCs
    • 92% Vacations
    • 80% Healthcare
    • 65% New Cars (influence 85%)
    • 89% Bank Accounts
    • 93% Food
    • 93% OTC Pharmaceuticals American women spend about $5 trillion annually… Over half the U.S. GDP
  • Women are the primary decision maker in
    • 77% of life insurance policies*
    • 69% or retirement plans*
  • 89% of consumer electronics purchasing decisions are made or influenced by women*
  • Women represent the majority of the online market:
    • 22% shop online at least once a day
    • 92% pass along information about deals or finds to others
    • 76% want to be part of a special or select panel
    • 58% would toss a TV if they had to get rid of one digital device (only 11% would ditch their laptops)
    • 51% are moms
    • Source: Mindshare/Ogilvy & Mather
  • An overwhelming majority of women entrepreneurs (86%) say they use the same products and services at home as they do in their business, and 68% do so consciously*
  • Family financial decisions made by women 95% of the time*
  • 75% of household finances are handled by women*
  • Women are double marketing power for companies that choose to market to women business owners since 86% use same brand products/services for business and home*
  • 70% of women learn about products/sevices from other women*
  • Women are 3 times as likely to recommend a product/service*
  • 91% of women feel advertisers don’t understand them
    Source: She-conomy
  • 61% of women business owners say they value technology to help them balance work and home responsibilities*
  • 30% of women consider themselves early adopters of new technology*
  • Women business owners and executives place more emphasis on quality of service and vendor reputation than men
    Source: Intuition Group, Yankelovich
  • The number of affluent women exceeds the number of affluent men, and women are growing richer at a faster rate than men*

* Source: Center for Women’s Business Research, Washington, DC.