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Get in on the growth: Between 1997 and 2002, the number of women-owned companies in the U.S. grew at twice the rate of all businesses. The number of them with 100+ employees grew by 44%, and $1 million+ firms increased by 32% -- again, nearly two times the rate of all such companies.

That's a huge and rapidly growing market. One that offers you spectacular opportunities. But to reach it, you have to know how to speak to female business leaders and what to offer them.

The fact is this: Women in business have different priorities, responses and influencers than men. If you don't tailor your message and your marketing tactics in recognition of this, you're going to miss this essential target. Along with all the profits it offers.

A Women's Leadership Exchange® sponsorship connects you directly to female decision makers at companies of all kinds. You could send your reps to network one-on-one at our conferences, claim a spot on our speaker's roster, run a seminar, author articles in our newsletter, sponsor awards…the possibilities are as extensive as they are powerful. WLE is often profiled in leading newspapers and business journals. View our press mentions and recent coverage in the Chicago Tribune.

A WLE sponsorship not only highlights your product or service to an audience with the proven power to purchase - it identifies you in their minds as a company concerned with creating opportunities for women. And it does so in an environment that women trust, because it's created by female entrepreneurs who have the same business needs as they do.

That's a powerful bond, standing ready for you to forge. And it's available to you only through Women's Leadership Exchange®.

To learn more about the many benefits we offer, or to discuss creating a sponsorship package that meets your individual objectives, contact Andrea March by e-mail or call (212) 209-1571.