My sincere congratulation on your very successful and inspirational NY conference! The energies released thru open sharing among women helping women to succeed were really exceptional and in great evidence everywhere. It was truly a delightful and fun experience and I will definitely sharing the benefits with my friends everywhere and hope to make a substantial contribution to your WLE's mission. Hope you get a little rest in before planning and organization the 2007 program. When you have a chance during the next two months, lets try to get together to chat how I might make a contribution to your organization.

Virginia L. P'an
TransCapital Group LLC, Chairman & CEO

Thank you so much for inviting me to take part in your conference. It was such an amazing experience. Your organization is so important for women and it gives women a place to feel empowered, boost confidence and comfort in their roles, and to utilize other women as resources to grow. You both also have such a wonderful way of making each person feel welcomed and to create such positive energy with your can do attitude.

Marci G. Fox, Ph.D.
Senior Associate in Extramural Training Program, Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy & Research

It was the best women's conference I have ever attended - and I sincerely mean that. I not only gained a wealth of knowledge from your presenters, but more importantly, I gathered strength and courage from everyone involved to keep pursuing my dreams. Wow! And to think, this was only your first year

Phyllis Carrera
CCPC, Human Arts

What a fabulous, professional, inspiring conference! I have been singing the praises of the Leadership Exchange to anyone who will listen ever since I returned. It was absolutely the best conference I have attended - and certainly the sessions I went to were right on in terms of growth issues. My only frustration was not having time to hear from each of the speakers at greater length.

Sharon G. Hadary
Executive Director, Center for Women's Business Research Washington, D.C.

I would like to thank, compliment and commend you on the most outstanding conference that I have ever attended. It was not only content rich with a unique concept of being network driven, but it was extremely well orchestrated, planned and executed.

Lynda Lotz
Goldin Peiser & Peiser, LLP

For me, the conference was productive and insightful. I now have a clearer vision on how I can work towards creating a more successful business while maintaining a sense of balance in my life.

Barbara Hoyos
Director of Client Relations, Mintax, Inc.

I found the conference to be inspirational, motivational, and without a doubt...a day well spent. The benefits to me are the numerous and valuable new contacts, each a sphere of influence in her domain, and the content-rich, eye-opening and tool-sharpening presentations. Fine job!

Julie Ferman
CEO & Founder, CupidsCoach.com

Personally and professionally, I was so excited and jazzed to be part of Women's Leadership Exchange's first conference. The audience was such a bevy of talent. I was so impressed with the turn-out all day long into 7 pm on a Friday night. It shows the energy and need for connection. What a success! Thank you for your insight, vision, passion and energy to bring it all forward and the building momentum for other cities. It was a rewarding day.

Lisa Malvea
SVP Sales, HQ Global Workplaces

Congratulations on the wonderful success of the program in Atlanta. The Galleria was alive with energy and electricity. Excellent, substantive speakers; first-class attention to detail. The program ran on time like a Swiss train -- a rarity at most women's conferences. Congratulations on a job well done

Connie Glaser
Author of Swim With The Dolphins and Columnist

Yesterday was such a gift of great information, new contacts, exceptionally energized business women, and of course, new and exciting ideas! Thank you for reaching out to me and encouraging me to take the time to come and learn.

Alvenia Rhea Albright
President, ARA & Associates, LLC

What a day! I attend these events all over the country and was most impressed. I didn't even check my watch until 6:30 PM... I thought your speakers were excellent... the connections were good. It was classy and well done.

Laurie Kahn
Owner and Partner, Media Staffing Network

I was impressed with the number of professional woman that attended the event and supported the award winners. I learned something from each presentation given and the topics discussed in the breakout sessions.

Charles W. Williams
Blue Crown Funding, Inc.

What you hope from a conference is that it will inspire you, educate you and give you new insights and understandings. The WLE did all of that - as well as reminding you how wonderful it is to be in the company of successful, powerful women business owners.

Lynn SanAndres
President, The Mason Alexander Group, Inc.; President, NAWBO-NYC

I truly had an epiphanous experience at the event and also loved meeting Judy George... Coming away from this powerful day I am compelled to share some of [Ann Richard's] thoughts in the hopes that it may send a clear and powerful message to women everywhere. We can change the world - one woman at a time

Lesley Roy
Owner, Lesley Roy Designs

It was a great conference... You assembled an extraordinary group of successful businesswomen. It did energize me.

Becky Powell
President, The Powell Group

I really enjoyed the Women's Leadership Exchange Conference in Atlanta. It was great to connect with colleagues, network with new terrific women and get some great reminders and valuable insights. I especially liked the semi-structured format of the lunch and breakfasts.

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D.
AboutYOU, Inc.

The Women's Leadership Exchange® delivered what they promised. It was a day charged with energy, insight and inspiration.

Honorable Ann W. Richards
Former Governor of Texas

One thing I left with was the idea to dream big. I learned some new ways of analyzing how much debt is healthy as well as the value of growing in bigger spurts. I'm not sure that is right for my business, but for my company to be salable one day it needs to be growing and strong.

Amy Scherber
President, Amy's Breads

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the day. I'm a member of NAWBO-LA and I found the programs ranged from the practical (Survival Sales Tactics) to the political (Impacting Your Business Through the Political Process) to the impressive (Brenda French and the Compass Award recipients). Many thanks for a wonderful, well-rounded conference.

Bonnie Nijst
Principal, Zeesman Communications, Inc.

Congratulations on a wonderful conference. I thought it was outstanding. I spoke to many NAWBO members who attended, and they also thought it was excellent. The Chicago Area Chapter of NAWBO is very proud to have been a supporting organization.

Diane Middlebrooks
President, The Business Coach; President, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)-Chicago Area Chapter

It was a fabulous program. I hope that it will be an annual event or offered on a fairly consistent basis, because I received so much value and inspiration.

Debra S. Alexander
SPHR, HR Revolutions

Add my name to the list of people who were impressed and inspired!

Lesley Visser
Sports Analyst, CBS

Since September 11th, my life, like so many others, was forever altered. It touched all of the women you reached out to. It is the first time in a long time that I truly have hope and conviction that I can and will, turn my company around.

Anne Marie Principe
President, Diva Models NYC

We have received word from one of the WLE attendees that she's already sent in her application form for NAWBO-CT membership!

Leila Fecho
President, Above and Beyond Communications; President, NAWBO-CT

A major key to recognizing business opportunities is to see your market with fresh eyes.

Edie Weiner
President, Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc.

My colleague, Emma Justice, and I send our congratulations... on a successful event! We enjoyed the day and made great contacts at the various activities.

Linda Lopez
President, Tellmedia Communications, Inc.

The WLE event held on November 14th was absolutely FABULOUS! It was informative encouraging and most of all, reassuring. I left the affair feeling like I could take on the world... AND I made some wonderful connections.

Prenella G. Patterson
President, Caprice Housekeeping

I just want to congratulate you on the success of the WLE conference in Atlanta. The day was very productive. The speakers and panelists were all knowledgeable. Your staff and the program were both outstanding. Again, congratulations on a job superbly done!

Gloria Wilson Moore
Moore and More, Inc.

I just wanted to congratulate you on such an outstanding conference. A friend and I decided to go for the morning and just "check it out." We were floored. It was nothing like we expected. It was so professionally organized. The speakers were outstanding, and overall very inspiring and informational. Keep up the good work!

Marjorie Diephouse

WLE Chicago 2003 was an awesome and inspiring event that helped me raise my level of professionalism, business, and desire to serve others. The relationships that began on that day continue to flourish and grow--WLE is about developing women's businesses and leadership among the company of other women--Mission Accomplished!

Simone Peer
A Life U Love Coaching Services

Yesterday was a breath of fresh air for me. An opportunity to refresh, replenish and recharge. Absolutely a terrific program!

Johanna T. Steans
President, JTS Enterprises Group LLC

The WLE was a life changing event for me. I truly forgot how much fun it was to be around other women business owners. My responsibilities as a parent, wife and business woman have been overwhelming at times. It is so important to make time for yourself. This trip was a reward for my best business year ever. I would definitely go on another retreat. Some profound thoughts I will always remember is that women need to work together and be collaborative. We need to stop talking about each other . Our role as a woman business leader is very important. It is our responsibility to share our story with other women to let them know that they too can be successful while juggling other duties. We need to help others along. Finally, women like working with women. When making decisions, you should always include a woman in the process. She will not automatically get the job. However, if she is equally qualified she deserves the work. We can change the work force one decision at a time. Oh, I have made some fantastic business contacts. Thanks for putting this together.

Laurie Leja
Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

In August 2005, I was at a real loss. I was tired of networking with lawyers, but didnt know where else to turn. I got a Women's Leadership Exchange® invitation in the mail, and I thought what the heck, I have no idea what this is, but it looks interesting and whatve I got to lose? Since that day back in August, heres the trajectory: At the WLE, I spoke with the volunteer at the National Association of Women Business Owners booth. Psyched by the women business owners energy at WLE, I figured Id try NAWBO for a year. I went to a couple of mixers, but I was looking for a way to get more involved. Round about January 2006, my NAWBO newsletter had a notice about the Count Me In and Make Mine a $Million Business Award, so I figured Id apply. As a finalist, I went to the NAWBO conference in San Francisco, and went from finalist to winner with a lot of painful growth in the 24 hours between first arrival at the Count Me In coaching session and the actual competition. Because of the Make Mine a $Million Award, I was eligible to apply for the Cisco Smart Business Communications Solutions award, and we won. Soon, our office technology will be revolutionized. Meanwhile, Count Me In and Make Mine a $Million hooked me up with a terrific coach whos been helping me with making the most of my networking efforts, and a mentor who helped me write professional ad copy for a promotional one-sheet Im developing. Ive made friends through Make Mine a $Million and NAWBO, like Julie Fogg from Active Port in Long Beach, so we went to LAs Largest Mixer together. Julie introduced me Bonique Edwards, whos going to help me get more involved with NAWBO this year. I in turn was able to recommend an search engine optimization expert to Bonique. The connections and mutual assistance just seem to go around and around, with everyone Im meeting helping me, and me helping them or others in turn. Julie also suggested I apply for a NAWBO scholarship to the UCLA Management Development of Entrepreneurs program, and told me how valuable the MDE program was to her own business and business mindset. This year when I go to the 2006 LA Women's Leadership Exchange®, Im going to hook up with the other Make Mine a $Million local winners since were all going, and Im going to reconnect with the NAWBO connections Ive made over the past 12 months. A chance encounter with a direct mail promotion for WLE has taken me a long, long way in just a year, and I sense that this is just the beginning.

Diana Mercer
Attorney-Mediator, Peace Talks Mediation Services

Last years event propelled my confidence and business into becoming a reality. I networked, connected and listened to the fabulous breakout speakers. I came home exhausted and confirmed in my own mind that I can do this! And using the resources I found and advice I found at the WLE I did it! Thank you so much for doing this for we women of large dreams and visions.

Laurelle Johnson
Creative President

Thanks WLE team for putting on another great Spa Retreat! I'm energized and once again inspired from the speakers and from meeting so many "experts in their respective fields". The list of attendees was diverse and the quality of these women leaders were world class! The retreats are always a huge opportunity for me to learn and also share. I have picked up a few great "nuggets" once again, from one of the sessions that I will implement this year! This is an extraordinary event that is very valuable to me!

Shelli Howlett
BNI Franchise Owner

The event was very good and the attendees I met impressive.

Nina McLemore
President, Nina McLemore, LLC

Many kudos for the outstanding program in Atlanta. I reconnected with someone I had not seen in many years and we are now collaborating on a business venture. I appreciate you working to bring such a high quality event to Atlanta. Marjorie Singley-Hall did an outstanding job of connecting the Atlanta groups.

Dorothy Pritchett
Andrew Grace Associates

What a pleasure it was to meet you and Andrea last week at the WLE conference here in Chicago. It was without question one of the best Ive ever attended. Thank you so much for inviting me to be on the panel. I made fantastic connections and look forward to nurturing great relationships with the women I met. I hope to be a part of the WLE again next year. In the meantime, keep up the great work and keep connecting amazing women!

Monique Caradine Kitchens
Chief Empowerment Officer, Momentum Media Group, Inc.

Just like last year you put on an amazing conference!

Yolanda English
CEO, YVE & Associates, Inc.

Today's WLE was life changing. Thank you for creating such an event for women to bond and build together. I have forward your info to the radio station in Orlando. I can't wait until next year.

Karen Vaughn
Assistant Program Director, WHQT-FM HOT 105

It was great to meet you yesterday at the Women's Leadership Exchange® Event Last Week in Fort Lauderdale. I really enjoyed chatting with so many wonderful women and enjoying the power and energy in the room.

Heidi Richards Mooney
Author, Entrepreneur, Business Coach

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