WLE Business Spa Retreat : Workshop/Speaker

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Success under Stress: Calmly and Confidently Create your Desired Future in a Changing World
(combination of practical strategies with open space for reflection that you rarely get during busy days)

  • How to stay relevant, indispensable, and 'on top' in your field while the world is changing and young people are hungry to succeed
  • How to be influential in your organization or community so your voice will always be asked for at the table
  • Integrate and balance your achievement with self-care so you can achieve your goals without showing signs of stress or at the expense of your health
  • How to move beyond your past pressures of perfectionism, doubt, and self criticism so you can move powerfully into your future
  • How to create your legacy so you can start taking actions that will ensure who will know you and love you in 25 years (this exercise will help you know the secrets to 'doing well by doing good' in today's changing economy)

Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. is a leading authority on the psychology of success and on stress resilience. Her practical tools are informed by 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School and field tested by over 10,000 training participants. Her methods show women professionals how to get past their blocks to action so they can focus and earn more instead of spinning their wheels, getting distracted, or procrastinating. An internationally sought after speaker, her presentations receive highest ratings and multiple repeat invites from organizations such as Procter and Gamble, Novartis, MetLife, GE, Merck, Moody’s, Coldwell Banker and others. She regularly serves as an expert for leading conference hosts such as American Management Association, Working Mother, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (winner Best Conference Workshop, 2013), CEO Clubs, Small Biz Summits, Women Presidents Organization, Women in Cable and Telecommunications, Women in the Boardroom, and numerous associations.

Dr. Melnick is the author of the acclaimed book Success under Stress: Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive when the Pressure’s On. She has the spirit of a teacher and loves having contributed her advice to Forbes.com, Fox News, Business Insider, AOL Stylelist, the Huffington Post, CBS Radio, Natural Health Magazine, USAToday.com, Amex OPEN, Smart Brief for Entrepreneurs. She works to increase women’s empowerment as a Global Ambassador for the UN Women-endorsed SmartWoman Project. Discover more at www.sharonmelnick.com.

Staying Fearless, Focused, and Stress-Free
(You will leave with a personalized Action Plan to make the learnings a natural part of your life after the spa vacation)

  • Practice how to keep the relaxation you've built for more than a day once you get back home!
  • Have the small tweaks that will open big doors for you to stay fearless and focused
  • Live your life with more intention and less internal chatter that distracts and holds you back
  • Know how to take risks instead of staying stuck
  • Have specific, customized solutions to help you stop spinning your wheels or putting off that scary decision: you'll know exactly what to do so you can take action to feel satisfied and wealthy in all parts of your life.

Writing Your Book to Build Your Business

Today authoring a book is not so much a good to have as it is a got to have. Your book establishes your expertise, builds your brand, and, used correctly, becomes the ultimate marketing tool. Your book provides a platform to open doors to lucrative new business, to media interviews and to paid speaking and seminar opportunities. Your book is inside you, waiting to be born. Judy will help you get through the pregnancy and birth your inner book! This is a brief lecture you won't want to miss.

Judy Katz is CEO of Ghostbooksters, which she founded in 2004, and president of Katz Creative, Inc., the full-service public relations agency she founded in 1987. To date Judy has ghostwritten or edited—as well as published and promoted—32 books on a variety of topics and in diverse genres.These include business books, memoirs, company histories, inspirational books, spiritual books, novels and roman a clef, science fiction and short stories. Judy also writes a popular blog for the Huffington Post titled” Online Dating for the Perfect Act 3.” Judy’s specialty is helping the prospective author write the right book. Then she helps them use that book to open doors, heighten their visibility, achieve their goals, and of course attract an enthusiastic readership. She recently published a novel, Prisoners of Love, the first book written under her own name.